Tips: Unique Photo Spots in Mauritius Part 2

Tips: Unique Photo Spots in Mauritius Part 2

Unseen Locations of Mauritius.

Mauritius is often described as heaven on Earth, and with good reason- it is truly a paradise with so many things to do and a lot secret places to see and if you are still asking yourself where you can go to get some beautiful photos for your honeymoon or even your wedding here is three unusual locations and unique 😉

Eau Bleue Waterfall

Situated on the Central Plateau, 20min from the town of Curepipe, Eau Bleu, also called Cascade Rama, sources off the Eau Bleue reservoir, in central south of the island.
The name from the azure ponds that are often supplied by underground water springs in summer, giving the whole river a blue glare.
We start the day with a safety and equipment briefing, where you will learn the basics of river communications and abseiling. You will check your equipment and a small hike will lead you to the river.

Ile aux Phare (ou Ile aux Fouquets)

Also known as Ile aux Fouquets, Ile Phare was amongst the first ones to be discovered in 1598 by the Dutch settlers.

L’Ile Phare bears its name by virtue of a lighthouse built in 1864, which was still operational until beginning of the 20th century.

Historically, Ile au Phare, situated within the bay of Mahébourg has fulfilled a strategic purpose during the naval battles at Grand Port.

Paradise Beach,  Pointe d’Esny

Paradise Beach is located on the South East Coast of Mauritius, within the picturesque, friendly neighborhood of Pointe d’Esny. This tropical paradise stretches from Blue Bay to the colorful village of Mahebourg and is known to Mauritians as being one of the best stretches of white beach and preserved lagoon on the island.

As well might be perfect for your beach wedding in mauritius


Looking forward to hear you and capture holidays in our lovely mauritius island

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